Walmart Seller BootCamp 1.0

Walmart Seller BootCamp 1.0

Walmart Seller BootCamp 1.0

4 weeks
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Shoaib Arif Walmart Seller Trainer
Shoaib Arif – Walmart Seller Trainer

Walmart Seller BootCamp 1.0




With 14+ year of experience in corporate sector and 4 years of experience in Ecommerce, Shoaib is an expert in Amazon FBA Wholesale,  Amazon PL, Amazon PPC, Influencer Marketing & Shopify.

Shoaib Arif has only been selling on Walmart for a short time, but he has been able to more than replace his income from his former Amazon Business! Look at these PROFIT Numbers for just the MID quarter of 2022:

JUNE: $6192

JULY: $16,251

AUGUST: $17,828

That’s over $40,000 in profit!!!! And we want to show you how you can get up and running on Walmart in our new course.


Walmart Bootcamp is being announced by Commerce Lounge. After Amazon, Walmart is the second-largest US marketplace. For the past few years, Walmart has been steadily expanding its 40–45 billion dollar market.

– There are approximately 100,000 merchants and 120 million unique visitors per month.

– This course will stand out because it will help you gain expertise in the second-largest E-commerce business in the US, where there is a lot of room for passive income generation and little rivalry.

– Reselling on Walmart is a simple transition for seasoned Amazon sellers who learn the strategies our Research & Development team has tested with positive outcomes.

– Discover it to increase your chances of success as a service provider and investor.

Here’s what you’ll Learn in the Course

  • Why Sell on Walmart?
  • The Advantages of Walmart compared to Amazon
  • How to Get past the Roadblock of Setting up a Walmart Account
  • What Products to Sell
  • Where to Find those Products
  • The Secret Trick and Tool Ryan uses for Finding Products
  • How to List your Products
  • How to Create your Own Listings
  • How to Get the Buy Box
  • How to Fulfill Walmart Orders
  • How to Handle Returns
  • How to Keep Track of Orders
  • And Much More!

 We are covering all 3 types of business in this practical, case study base course:

  1. Private Label
  2. Wholesale/ Retail Arbitrage Using WFS
  3. Dropshipping on Walmart Platform


1.      Returns and Disputes

2.      How to Suggest Changes to Your Product Page Content

3.      The Pro Seller Badge

4.      Prohibited Products Policy and Product Violations

5.      Listing Quality and Rewards Dashboard

6.      Promotional Pricing

7.      The Unpublished Items Dashboard

8.      Order Management

9.      Using Administrator Options to Manage Your Marketplace Account

10.  Customer Service Communication

11.  TwoDay Delivery

12.  Walmart Returns

13.  Shipping Templates

14.  How to Configure Fulfillment Centers

15.  Shipping Methods, Timing and Settings

16.  The Seller Center Launch Checklist

17.  Company Registration

18.  Marketplace Applications

19.  Order and Fulfillment Performance

20.  How to Sell on with the Shopify Walmart App

21. Product Listings

22.  Search Insights

23.  Item Setup by Match Using Walmart Marketplace App in Shopify

24.  Scheduled and On Request Item Reports

25.  the Walmart Repricer


Walmart Marketplace App for Shopify Sellers

1.      How to Link Walmart & Walmart Marketplace App in Shopify

2.      How to Publish Products Using the Walmart Marketplace App in Shopify

3.      How to Manage Orders & Shipping using the Walmart Marketplace App in Shopify

4.      How to use the Bulk Editor in the Walmart Marketplace App in Shopify

5.      Item Setup by Match Using Walmart Marketplace App in Shopify


Walmart Marketplace Programs

1.      What is Walmart TwoDay for Marketplace Sellers?

2.      Walmart Fulfillment Services



How to Form an LLC


How to Form an LLC

How to Get EIN as US Resident or NON US Resident?

Bank Account Opening for US Resident or NON US Resident

How to get a DUNS Number?

How Walmart will use your DUNS Number?

How to get Business Phone Number?

3 Important Tips for Approval

How to get a Website?

Advantage of using Solution Provider

Secret to guaranteed approval

Walmart Application

Why Walmart Marketplace?

Company Registration

Product Integration

Shipping & Operation


Message Confirmation

Signup Walmart Seller Central

Account creation

Onboarding Process

Introduction Onboarding Process

How to setup Company Info

How to setup customer service

How to setup Management contact

How to setup Shipping

How to setup Return

How to setup Privacy Policy

How to setup Tax

How to setup items

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